Potential Grantees…

Asian Elephant Support (AES) is a legally registered non-profit organization based in the United States. The tax rules for AES are quite important to its relationship with potential grantees because these rules dictate how the board selects projects… More »

Veterinary Care

The veterinarian is the core and foundation of elephant health care. The selection of a veterinarian will have a direct impact on the elephant’s health and well being. A resident veterinarian is the best of all worlds, but a relationship with a veterinarian who makes regular visits for preventative… More »


Elephant nutrition behavior in the wild serves as our best guidance for caring for them in captivity. Elephants browse and graze for 14 to 18 hours per day, so we need to present opportunities to elicit this browsing behavior as much as possible with elephants in our charge. For example… More »

Daily Care

Elephants are intelligent, social, large, powerful, and capable of being very gentle or at other times quite aggressive. In the wild, elephants from the time they are babies know their place in the herd and learn to be controlled by the older elephants. While in our care, elephant handlers must… More »